testimonials“I was a mess when I started coaching with Sally, it’s a wonder I could get up in the morning. Now after working with her, I am happier, more self assured and capable of handling stress and difficult situations when they arise. Sally is insightful, articulate, funny, bright, and inspiring. When I was ready, she also guided me to fulfill goals and complete tasks that were long overdue — one of which was updating my resume to prepare for a job search. I dreaded and procrastinated doing that on my own. Sally provided instruction and guidance to help me create a strong resume that better highlighted my abilities. She encouraged and supported me to feel more empowered and confident to apply for jobs and go on interviews. I was offered a job a week after applying for a position! Thank you, Sally.”
CH, Santa Cruz, CA

“At the time I met Sally I was a widower and re-entering the world of dating after being married for thirty-five years. Sally functioned as my guide and sounding board. I found her insights and quick grasp of the essentials of the situation to be nothing short of amazing. She was always objective, and her positive attitude and enthusiasm gave me the impetus to keep at it, to get out there and take calculated risks….and finally succeed.”
GG, Fort Bragg, CA

“I went to Sally for coaching because I was not feeling fulfilled in my work and wanted to find a more satisfying career path. She helped me clarify and prioritize my interests and skills, overhaul my resume, learn to write better cover letters, and develop more effective and confident ways to present myself professionally. Sally showed me how to research and engage with the career field I am interested in and learn strategies for contacting people and networking. I also learned a more systematic way to make job-related decisions, which will also prove useful in other parts of my life. My coaching experience with Sally was very positive for me.”
JW, Santa Cruz, CA

“When I first began working with Sally about a year-and-a-half ago, I was unhappy in just about every realm. I wanted to change my life, but had little idea of how to go about it. Although helpful in many respects, traditional therapy proved less than effective in the practical matters of living a life. Fortunately, for me, I sought out Sally, who stepped in with her confidence, consistency, patience, gentle directives, and omnipresent good cheer.

“In addition to her remarkable gifts as a life coach, she is a stellar human being. Her unique set of qualities: a relentless ‘never give up’ attitude, an unflagging belief that every problem holds a solution, an allegiance to process, and a total dedication to her clients are, in my experience, unparalleled. Sally has a gift for sorting through a tangled web of my ideas, possibilities, fears and hopes that jumble into an overwhelming, dense black miasma. She’s great at helping me set priorities for the present that will eventually create the future. I generally feel much better after our sessions and always more hopeful.

“I’ve moved from a house and town in which I’d quite literally begun to ‘mold’, I’m traveling extensively (which has been a life long dream), I’m continually encountering interesting people and embracing exciting new opportunities, and my creative expression flows with less constraint. Sally steadfastly accompanied me through each stage of my metamorphosis. Quite honestly, I cannot imagine having evolved to where I am today without her. She is truly an exceptional ally. Without hesitation or qualification, I happily recommend Sally Jorgensen’s life coaching services.”
CR, Laguna Beach, CA

“A recent crisis in my life shook me to the core. With Sally’s guidance, I was able not only to survive this painful conflict but come out the other side feeling calm and empowered. Sally helped me greatly, through frank discussions of my needs, role-playing possible conversations and their outcomes, and being supportive throughout the process. My coaching sessions occurred at an extremely stressful time in my life and I am tremendously grateful for the advantage Sally’s help gave me. I now understand how invaluable life coaching can be, not only during a crisis but even during the ordinary changes of life.”
LH, Worchester, MA

“Sally’s personal style and skill as an artist, teacher, and writer all came together in my art coaching experience. Her personal style is demonstrated by her warmth and acceptance, seeing the artist within, offering encouragement and allowing creativity to come forth. Sally guided me in clarifying the purpose and conceptual basis of my art-making and creating a language to communicate these ideas. The experience took my art to a whole new level.”
EB, Santa Cruz, CA

“I went looking for an Art Coach to help me with the business side of promoting my art. I thought I knew how to paint and just needed help getting my art out there. I found in Sally a very warm and supportive mentor. Someone I could talk to freely about my art. Someone who understood me. Soon I was telling her about all my struggles as an artist. How I had all these paintings piling up in my studio that I should be getting out there. How I should be painting more. To every ‘should,’ Sally simply asked, ‘Why?’ I’d answer, but then she would dig a little deeper…and deeper. I realized the struggle with my art wasn’t ‘out there,’ it was ‘in here.’ She helped me see how much I was fighting with myself, getting in my own way and trying to force things to happen. As I became more present to what I wanted at each moment, the heavy burden I was carrying of ‘needs’ and ‘shoulds’ melted away and I could just enjoy where I was in the moment with my art. Since that awakening, my art has taken on a new freedom and energy. Sally’s provocative questions and insights helped me see that what I wanted to paint all along was inside me, but I wasn’t giving myself permission to express it. Now that I understand my art better, I also understand that promoting my art is all about telling my story. What was trying to come out in my paintings was an expression of my life. Ironically, I’ve found that as my paintings express my life more authentically, the act of painting shows me how to live my life more authentically.”
DL, Pacific Grove, CA

invite“Sally has an amazing talent for helping you to clarify, focus on and realize the most important things you want to accomplish in your life. She gives you wise thoughts and the support you need by creating self-affirmations you can use to make the commitments to achieve your goals and enhance your life.”
SP, Santa Cruz, CA

“Sally had the ability to zero in quite expertly on the key issues that were preventing me from having a fulfilled life. Her demeanor was such that I instantly relaxed and felt like I was talking to an old friend, but one who could help me on my path. It was truly an amazing experience.”
JW, Aptos, CA

“I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Jorgensen’s skills as a life coach. She has helped me through a variety of personal and work transitions. Sally asks pointed questions that prompt you to analyze and think through your issues and offers valuable resources to guide you through the clarifying process. She challenges and inspires you to dream and to take action toward those dreams. She was a major influence in my finding my life’s work.”
CP, Valdosta, GA

“Sally’s natural ability to connect with others and clearly communicate inspires me to continually make life affirming choices that are more aligned with my authentic self.”
JM, Santa Cruz, CA